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Orange Cat
Thunderbird Add-ons
by CatThief

Public release development ended on Mostly Crystal and all extensions as of Thunderbird version 9.
All theme and extension files are no longer available.

Please read these news articles:
 The future for Mostly Crystal
 Mostly Crystal - on a personal level

Special thanks go to the following people for much appreciated help throughout the years:

Code debugging and testing:
     Pardal Freudenthal
     Aaron Spuler
     Frank Lion
     Ed Hume
     LD Jackson
     and all of the themers at mozillaZine
Language support contributors:
     (it-IT) Andr3a
     (pl-PL) Rafał Szafran
     (pl-PL) Leszek(teo)Życzkowski
     (ru-RU) Quicksilver tears
     (sk-SK) Gianny111
     (nl-NL) Sipke Durksz
     (ja-JP) Premier
     (es-ES) Carlos

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